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Thursday Registration Still Open, All Other Nights Closed

Posted, Aug 19th, 2018
Last updated, Aug 24th, 2018

Registrations for the 2018-19 Fall/Winter Thursday night league are still being accepted. All other nights are now closed.

To register for Thursday, please contact Trevor, Ross or Ryvan via email, text or Facebook:

Trevor Schiller

Ross Kimble
Ph: 306-220-0212

Ryvan Veitch:

Include the following information when registering:

  • Captain's Name
  • Captain's Contact Information (phone # and e-mail, please)
  • Division/Night
  • Team Name (optional, can be added later)
  • Additional Players (optional, can be added later)

Week 4: Handicap Update

Posted, Sep 30th, 2018

Well, thanks to the diligent eyes of two league players (one on Monday, one on Tuesday, I won't identify them beyond that), an error was found in the handicap formula. I won't bore anyone with the code details (ask me when you see me if you actually want to know), but the result was that last week's handicaps were only accurate for players who hadn't played in previous years. They were close, but even a difference of a point here and there adds up.

The issue has been fixed, and all scores from last week will be adjusted as needed (Monday is done, Tuesday and Wednesday are coming). Although changing results is something I hate to do once they've been posted, I'm super glad this was found now and not 5 or 6 weeks down the road, when a fix would have completely messed with the standings.

Thank you to the players who brought this to my attention. I love to have my mistakes pointed out to me (that's a lie), and I will continue to build and fix our new league management system until it's 100% operational (that's the truth).

Also, just a reminder for our new players, Monday league uses a 2x multiplier on the difference in round handicaps. Tuesday and Wednesday do not use a multiplier.

New Website

Posted, Sep 3rd, 2018

Today we are launching a new Q-Time website, offering a more modern design and a host of new features to allow easier access to the information our players desire. Unfortunately, some sections are still unfinished, and several additional features remain in development, but even for a work-in-progress, the new site still represents a huge step up from the previous version.

I will continue to work on the code in my free time, so if you encounter any bugs or would like to make any suggestions, please let me know by talking to me at league night or by using this site's new Feedback option. We hope you like the changes...


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