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Doug Nutter - Q-Time founder


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Organizers & Reps


Q-Time operators are responsible for the day-to-day operations of all Q-Time pool leagues (rule enforcement, team registration, scheduling, accounting, data entry, website and social media updates, etc). Operators also meet regularly with committee members to discuss and vote on major league decisions.

Ross Kimble
Skinny One
Cell: 306-220-0212

Ryvan Veitch
Bearded One
Cell: 306-262-7825

Committee Members

Q-Time committee members assist the operators with general duties (stat sheet/envelope collection, data entry, answering player questions) and also take on specific roles of particular interest to them (i.e. Trevor's initiative to start a Thursday league). In addition, committee members have full voting rights on major league decisions.

Daniel Hall
Committee Member
Bar League Liason
Cell: 306-260-1622

Trevor Schiller
Committee Member
Thursday Operator
Cell: 306-220-0302

Player Representatives

Q-Time committee members...

Ken Wilkinson
Monday Player RepCell: 306-227-4687

Tom Semaganis
Tuesday Player RepCell: 306-220-6378

Duke Hodge
Wednesday Player RepCell: 306-717-5116

League Documents:

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QTime Player Rankings (2018-19)

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Q-Time Rulebook 2018 May

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