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Q-Time Pool Leagues has offered Saskatoon players a great way to enjoy the game they love since just after the millenium. Unfortunately, I myself only joined the Q-Time family when the league merged with the Snooker Shack's own in-house league in 2007, so I am poorly qualified to write a comprehensive history.

There are, however, a few players who have loyally participated much longer than myself, and I am hopeful that I can call upon them to provide me with the necessary details to fill out this page. (Lynn, Donna, I'm thinking of you two...)

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Just want to chime in once more. An explanation, and an apology, too. Not to Gerry, though (if that...

Ryvan said, on Sep 22nd, 2018:

Hello Gerry, Thank you for you comments and concerns. Over the years players have shown question...

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How wonderful. Kangaroo committee. No off season discussions/meeting with players? Perhaps the...