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Saskatoon's Best Pool Leagues


The QTime spare list is reset at the start of each new fall session. All previous spares will need to re-register if they still want to appear on this list.

Q-Time Spares List

Barnaby, Laura SaskatoonNov306-291-9181   
Boehr, Jason SaskatoonExp306-491-1940   
Bosch, Garry Saskatoonunranked780-808-6008   
BOUDREAU, LYLE Saskatoonunranked306-717-6057 
Braun, Kyle SaskatoonAdv306-227-1686   
Cameron, Derek SaskatoonAdv306-361-9794 
Conway, Dave SaskatoonAdv   
Dillon, Lee Jay SaskatoonAdv306-220-1640 
Dufour, Dany SaskatoonExp807-323-4187 
Dunlop , Sarah  Saskatoonunranked639-999-0236   
Friesen, Ken  LloydminsterAdv306-307-4025   
Gairns, Allan Saskatoonunranked306-807-0881 
Goodwin, Brent SaskatoonInt306-713-0339 
Hall, Steven Lloydminsterunranked780-808-9099 
Hall, Daniel SaskatoonExp306-260-1622 
Heidt, Greg SaskatoonAdv306-221-4440 
Herron, Steve SaskatoonAdv306-261-0507 
Herscovitch, Larry SaskatoonAdv306-437-0900 
Hilkewich, Grayson SaskatoonNov306-220-7884 
Hogg, Harold SaskatoonInt306-343-1647 
Janson, Shane SaskatoonInt306-380-4446 
Keith, Dave SaskatoonAdv   
Laplante, Dean SaskatoonAdv306-251-2829 
Marinier, Kyle Saskatoonunranked306-227-1366 
Mcauley, Justin  Saskatoonunranked306-420-8969 
McFarlane, Ethan SaskatoonAdv306-227-0585 
Millar, Richard Saskatoonunranked306-774-6597 
Name, No Saskatoonunranked   
Patel, Mihir Saskatoonunranked306-513-5660 
Rendall, Rick SaskatoonExp306-380-9528 
Rivey, Lauren Saskatoonunranked306-715-4608 
Sadowick, Richard SaskatoonAdv306-227-1537 
Sayna, Derrick Lloydminsterunranked306-830-4350   
Swenson, Gregory SaskatoonExp306-514-7268 
Wagner, Ed SaskatoonInt306-242-4175 
Waskewitch, Shawn SaskatoonNov306-370-3577 
Spares whose names are blue are interested in joining a team.

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