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2022/23 Leagues

Posted, Aug 19th, 2022

REGISTER SOON for the 2022/23 season, as the QTime divisions are filling up fast! The Monday Advanced division is already full, but please consider the Tuesday Expert division if your team is strong, or the new Thursday Intermediate division (which is meant for good teams who may have previously struggled to be competitive with the top teams on Monday).

PS: Apologies for the delay in getting this site updated, your humble webmaster has had a difficult summer. As always, our Facebook group remains the best way to stay up-to-date on all Q-Time happenings...

Ranking changes (2022)

Posted, Aug 19th, 2022
Last updated, Aug 19th, 2022

The Q-Time Committee has adopted the following changes to league player rankings, effective for the 2022/23 league sessions:

  • the previous 5 ranking levels (Nov, Nov-I, Int, Int-A, Adv) have been replaced with a six tier system that should be easier to understand and administer. The new tiers are:
    • Beginner (BEG, roughly equivalent to the old Nov)
    • Novice (NOV, roughly equivalent to the old Nov-I)
    • Intermediate (INT, roughly equivalent to the old Int)
    • Advanced (ADV, roughly equivalent to the old Int-A)
    • Expert (EXP, roughly equivalent to the old Adv)
    • Master (MAS, the top tier of Q-Time players, with truly impressive talents)
  • Division names for Saskatoon have been adjusted to reflect their intended calibre of competition:
    • Monday (formerly Intermediate) is now Advanced
    • Tuesday (formerly Advanced) is now Expert
    • Wednesday was, and remains, Novice
    • Thursday (new this year) is Intermediate
  • Website updates to handle all of these changes are ongoing, but will be completed by the first week of play in September.
  • PLEASE NOTE that, at present, the Player Lookup function on the Q-Time homepage does not accurately reflect a player's eligibiliy for each division. Make sure to note your roster's current rankings, then check the division requiements carefully before registering a team. THIS IS CURRENLY THE WEBMASTER'S TOP PRIORITY, AND WILL BE RESOLVED SOON.

Illegal Team Adjustments

Posted, Oct 17th, 2021
Last updated, Oct 17th, 2021

Today brings a major website update, focused primarily on the detection and handling of illegal teams and match forfeits. QTime previously relied on its data entry volunteers to check for any infractions and manually apply point corrections. The new system automates this process, ensuring the rules are fairly applied in all cases. All infractions to date have now been handled, so the league stats and standings may look a little different than they did yesterday. The league schedule shows all affected matches, and clicking through to the scoresheet will allow you to see the infractions and the point adjustments that were applied.

Particiants in the BBL League out of Lloydminster are not affected by these adjustments, as theirs is currently an Open league without any team restrictions.

If you feel that your team has been unfairly penalized, you may certainly inquire further with a league administrator (preferably Ross, since I am responsible for the detection code).

New Website

Posted, Sep 3rd, 2018

Today we are launching a new Q-Time website, offering a more modern design and a host of new features to allow easier access to the information our players desire. Unfortunately, some sections are still unfinished, and several additional features remain in development, but even for a work-in-progress, the new site still represents a huge step up from the previous version.

I will continue to work on the code in my free time, so if you encounter any bugs or would like to make any suggestions, please let me know by talking to me at league night or by using this site's new Feedback option. We hope you like the changes...


League Documents:

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Q-Time Official Rulebook 2023-24

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BCA Rulebook

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Monday Season End Pay Out 2022-23

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Tuesday Season End Pay Outs 2022-23

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Wednesday Season End Pay Outs 2022-23

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Thursday Season End Pay Outs 2022-23

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