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Sorry, due to a site security breach the feedback form is gone (at least until I can implement much better site security). In the last day and a half, I was locked out of the system, unable to post replies. Also, the auto email system was apparently used to contact at least two other league members (likely more - if you received anything from me in the past couple days via email, be aware that I didn't send it). I'm gonna leave the existing posts available for viewing below, because it helps to understand what I think happened. This all started after I engaged 'Gerry' in a testy conversation about Fargorate, so I guess that's my bad. I don't know how deep the breach went, but I'm removing all the obvious security holes for the time being. Some features will obviously be unavailable.

said, on Jan 1st, 1970:


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Ross said, on Sep 23rd, 2018:

Just want to chime in once more. An explanation, and an apology, too. Not to Gerry, though (if that...

Ryvan said, on Sep 22nd, 2018:

Hello Gerry, Thank you for you comments and concerns. Over the years players have shown question...

Gerry said, on Sep 22nd, 2018:

How wonderful. Kangaroo committee. No off season discussions/meeting with players? Perhaps the...